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Modern Future is an Oakland-based duo blending EDM, pop, and trap into their own unique sound. Having spent the last few years producing for artists such as Big Freedia, En Vogue, Transviolet, and more, they have now turned their focus to crafting an immersive and transportive new live show. Incorporating drums, guitars, and synths their musicianship and nuanced improvisations set them apart from the ubiquitous laptop DJ sets of today’s electronic music scene. Their music has been equated to “the propulsive energy of a charging rhino” and “bottles popping and booties rocking from start to finish.” Their upcoming releases marry their signature sound with elements of hip-hop, funk, and rock that will undoubtedly expand your sonic horizons.

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Big Freedia's Debut Album
Just Be Free

from the Modern Future produced tracks “Turn Da Beat Up“ and “Mo Azz” off of Big Freedia’s Just Be Free, listed in Rolling Stone’s top 20 EDM albums of 2014.
"Big Freedia's debut full-length is out next week and from the album opener "Turn Da Beat Up," it's clear that this is a party record that anyone can get down to. Energetic snares, ominous synths and arena cheers back Freedia's signature shout-singing. At frst, it sounds like the type of record we could imagine hearing on a Major Lazer album. But the lyrics are pure Freedia: "Head down! Ass up! ...Shake it to the left, shake it to the right / Shake it to east, shake it all night!"
Fuse TV
""Turn Da Beat Up" The perfect opener for a bounce album, this moody electro banger boasts ominous synths in the background but moves with the propulsive energy of a charging rhino. You hear this, the party is definitely started."
Fuse TV
""Mo Azz" The album closer references her past hit "Azz Everywhere" and tosses in plenty of instructions on how exactly you need to shake that ass: "Hands on the wall" and "hands on your ankle," but most importantly, just get that azz everywhere."
Fuse TV
"Big Freedia is triumphant in the glowing party clip packed with what else? Mo azz. As expected, Big Freedia keeps the bottles popping and booties rocking from start to fnish as the syrupy bounce jam shakes the foundations of the tightly packed club. Burlesque dancers and glow sticks stud the clip, sending this thing all the way over the top."
"“Turn Da Beat Up” expands Freedia’s sonic vocabulary to include Prodigy-style breakbeats, precipitous bass drops, blatting low brass, and a four-on-the-foor breakdown that invokes both house music and arena-rock."


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